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We see stories like this all the time.

A new client came to us for help after spending $60,000 on a video that wasn’t performing.

Their production house badly missed the mark on strategy, so they were hoping we could breathe some life back into the video and recover some of their investment.

The good news is: we were able to help them improve the video completion rate from 15% to 40%.

That’s 267% more people reaching their video’s call-to-action.

WireBuzz increased a client's video completion rate from 15% to 40%.

But unfortunately, we weren’t able to completely fix the video, because all the footage and VO had already been captured. We could only do so much after the fact.

And that’s the important lesson I want you to take away from this story — pre-production is perhaps the most important part of the entire video creation process.

It’s when you develop the end-to-end vision for your video and how you plan to use it; when you research your audience to find out what resonates; when you write the script and pull together a shot list.

If you cut corners on pre-production, you’re leaving too much to chance…

  • Will you get all the raw footage you need?
  • Does your call-to-action make sense in the context of the buyer’s journey?
  • Does your sales and marketing team already have a plan for how they’re going to use this new video? 
  • Do you know which video player (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.) you’re going to be using?

These are just a few of the important questions you need to answer before you ever hit “Record.”

Because more often than not, there’s nothing that can be done to fix your video after the fact. The damage has been done. 

You need to get it right the first time, which means covering all your bases during pre-production.

Whether you’re working with WireBuzz or not, we want you to know how to protect yourself and your investment in video. 

That’s why we created this free checklist, which includes a list of 18 things you need to do before you start creating your next video. 

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